Thursday, December 10, 2009


On the evening of December 11th, Jews around the world will be lighting the first of 8 candles on the hanukiyah to celebrate Hanukkah. Though not a major holy day like Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, Jewish families may choose to celebrate the occasion in their homes by cooking potato latkes, playing dreidel, exchanging gifts, and reciting blessings each night for the new candles that are lit. In Lexington, some members of the Jewish community (and anyone else who wants to gather to hear Hanukkah songs and popular Israeli standards) will be celebrating the 5th annual Hanukkah Night at Natasha's Bistro on Tuesday, December 15th at 7:30.
If you're in the neighborhood, you should stop by the Central Library's Young People's Department on the 2nd floor to see in person the wonderful multicultural display they have put together for the December holidays!

Also, for a glimpse at how Jews from all over the world vary their Hanukkah celebrations according to their culture, check out this Sun-Sentinel article:

Lastly, I leave you today with an entertaining video: Happy Hanukkah - flash mob style!

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